how do i let a user added to my blog write entries?

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    Hey guys,

    I was just wondering, now that I have added a person to my users list as a contributor, how do i let them write blog entries? this may seem like a basic wuestion but i didn’t see it on the FAQ.

    thanks in advance,




    Wow, someone actually admited to reading the FAQ. I’m so happy… :)

    Too bad it is actually answered in there. :)

    Can a single blog have multiple authors and editors.

    Have them sign up and create their own blogs at Then you can add them in via Dashboard -> Users -> Authors & Users and assign them as Contributors.

    Hope this helps,




    I know this sound completely idiotic. But I added them, but how do they write posts? Do I need to give them the password to my blog? Or They can write from their own dashboard?



    When they view you’re blog, they should be seeing the blue bar along the top as well as a “Site Admin” link. They should be able to access the Dashboard via the blog in question.

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