How do I let people see blog if not wordpress members?

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    Hi –
    I’ve had to block my blog for legal reasons but have a small fan base who would still like to see it – but they are not wordpress members. I’d like to add them using their email addresses, but I don’t want them to write in my blog except for comments. Can this be done? How?
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    Your friends will need to create accounts in order to view your private blog. Please have them sign up at and let you know their username.

    Then you can give them access to your blog by adding them to your privacy settings (Settings > Privacy).

    We have some great support resources for this. For more information, please see:



    Yes, but if you read my question, I want to allow people to read my blog who do not WANT to sign up for a wordpress account. Can they do this at all?



    If your blog is Private, they’ll need to be users in order to be added to the list of approved viewers.

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