how do i let readers WRITE TO my blog (not comment)?

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    i would like my reades to be able to pulish relevant stuff to my blog so that other readers can read aswell…
    the point is to goal is having a page were all readers can write there own stuff and/or comment on other readers pulishes…
    please assist me on this task since i wasn’t able to find the right way to do so…
    many thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s not possible to let readers arbitrary write things on your blog. You’d have to add them as contributors but that’s hard work if you plan on having lots of random people write on your blog.



    how do i allow readers to subscribe to my log? (widgets-subscription???)
    after they are registered, now what do i do????



    If you click on the word “member” beneath your username you will find every post you have made to this forum. Then you will see that your question has already been answered and asking it over and over again will not produce a different answer.

    The only way your can have others posting text to your blog ie. publishing posts is to choose which “roles” to assign to them, and then make them “users”.

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