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How do I limit the posts on my front page?

  1. Hi folks,

    I wonder if someone can help me; I'm possibly being just a bit dim.

    My front page still has all my posts on it (now 17). I kind of figured that the "Blog pages show at most" setting in the Reading section would ensure that, after this number is reached (default of 10), older posts would only be accessible via the Archives widget. What do I have to do to automatically limit the number of posts shown on the front page - before it gets so big that it takes people twenty minutes to load the page?

    Any help/advice would be gratefully received.

    EJ :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Go to Settings>Reading> you will see there an option

  3. justheretotakenotes

    Actually elephantjam is using a theme that has the infinite scroll so changing the settings won't help.

  4. @Elephantjam
    You're currently using Twenty eleven Theme. There's a new feature Infinite scroll added to two wordpress themes, Twenty ten and twenty eleven. You can disable infinite scroll only if you've at least one widget in footer widget area. You can add an empty Text widget at the footer widget area. Then go to Settings >> reading settings >> Disable infinite scroll. And select number of posts per page.

  5. timechief, youve got it; following your advice works exactly as you said and limits the number of posts to the 10 specified in Settings>Reading.

    Curiously enough, just adding the text field and leaving the Infinite Scroll option selected results in just seven posts on the page. In both cases, there is an option to click at the bottom to load older posts.

    Thanks ever so much, that's just what I needed (and I'd have never guessed it on my own). :)

  6. You're welcome.

  7. @elephantjam
    You're welcome and please just ignore this "timechief" persona. It's not me. I am "timethief" and not "timechief".

  8. Oh that was posted by me lol :)

  9. @timechief
    Your aren't funny at all. We don't post into support forum thread unless we have correct answers to questions that we can back up with links. So why are you posting into support threads at all? Why did you usurp my vatar and use it as your own? And why are you misleading people impersonating me like you did in this thread? That's my thread and you had the audacity to thank others for their feedback in it.

  10. @ardpete
    It's interesting that it claims to have degree and yet makes the same kind of English usuage errors that are so common to those whose mother tongue is not English. It's easy to apprehend that this is yet another sockpuppet who has the same pattern of bad English that other sockpuppets have.

  11. @1Tess and sl1k and Staff
    I originally flagged this thread with "Modlook". I have emailed Staff. We now have yet another sockpuppet whose English grammar usage errors is the same as the others.

  12. edit: "is" was meant to be "are" :)

  13. Oh dear, I seem to have stirred up something of a hornets' nest here.

    Let me just remind everyone that it was time

    hief who provided a clear and working solution to my problem.

  14. Sorry, I tried to underline the c and didn't realise it would insert line breaks too. I was talking about timechief, obviously.

  15. @elephantjam: The fact that this troll posted a correct reply is irrelevant to the fact that this troll originally used timethief's avatar and originally linked its username to timethief's blog.

  16. @justpi: Indeed, you are correct. However, and more pertinently, "the fact that this troll originally used timethief's avatar..." etc. is irrelevant to this thread.

  17. It's not irrelevant to this thread, because the troll used this thread.

  18. That's a feeble bit of reasoning to be sure. Let me remind you that the title of this thread is "How do I limit the posts on my front page?". Perhaps you should read forum guidelines on what is and what is not an on-topic post. And perhaps also the definition of a troll.

    Let me be more specific -

    People who have posted helpful and on-topic comments to this thread:
    noypigeeks, justheretotakenotes, timechief - I am grateful to these people, especially timechief.

    People who have posted disruptive and off-topic comments to this thread:
    timethief (a most remarkable bit of cheek in attempting to claim credit for timechief's help), ardpete, justpi.

    If you cannot conform with forum guidelines yourself, what right do you have to pursue what you presumably regard as a moral crusade and hound someone who has been most helpful, because they apparently broke guidelines elsewhere?

    Don't actually answer that. In case you haven't got the message, you are not wanted here. But please think seriously about what you are doing. If you attack users for the helpful things they do because of some unrelated transgression elsewhere, what makes you think you are different to a troll yourself? (Again, this is for you to think about - don't reply here).

    I truly hope a moderator does examine this thread and issues a reprimand and reminder of usage guidelines to you.

  19. Hilarious.

    Click Member under justpi to see how long I've been here, then click Member under panaghiotisadam to see how many thousands of users I have helped: might help you realize how ridiculous it is when a first-time visitor tries to chastise one of the most experienced volunteers of these forums and tells him not to reply or that he's not wanted here.

    When you learn what "reasoning" is, you might also realize that the troll's transgression wasn't "elsewhere".

  20. Inferring that you are the same person as justpi with, for some reason, multiple user names, you now offer to show me your "medals of helpfulness". I decline to look - someone who is proving helpful does not need to blow their own trumpet. I will commend your own helpfulness if and when you actually provide any to me. So far you have provided the opposite. Unless you have me now marked down on a real or virtual hate-list, I look forward to any helpful replies you might give to any future problems I may have. At that point I will express my gratitude to you as I now do to timechief.

    A modicum of common sense would make it obvious that 'here' and 'elsewhere' refer purely with respect to this thread. If you look at this thread on its own, timechief has been all I could wish, whilst you have been annoying and most troll-like. I realise the bigotry of the self-styled crusader may make it difficult for you to do this objectively, but do try.

    I tire of this pointless exchange, so I repeat, unless you have something helpful to say, you are not welcome here (which, if as it seems I must remind you, means this thread - and also applies to any others that I may begin).

  21. @elephantjam
    timechief simply copied and pasted the answer I have been providing on this forum to the same question for almost 6 years.

  22. Ok timethief, that's a fair point, reasonably put. :o)

    In which case I thank you for the original answer and apologise for any distress to you. I wish you had mentioned it at the start. And indeed, for my purposes, getting that answer was the main thing and I remain grateful that someone took the trouble to post it here.

  23. Please be nice.

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