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how do I link all that you are saying #giving up

  1. Hi there

    I would say that I am not technically savvy and for some strange reason even with all your tutorials I don't get it.

    For the blog I would like to generate more traffic, customise into something appealing, add media, get listed on other sites and include current up to date RSS feeds.

    I spent hours trying to link images from Zemata, add hperlinks eve bough a social media for dummies.

    I am trying to make most of this experience to no avail.

    Help please.

    Thanks and kind regards

    Blog url:

  2. To give you the amount of help you need, would take a lot of time of people who are mostly volunteers here on these forums, so instead, I'll try to give you some advice on how to search for information for yourself.

    First, if you haven't already, work your way slowly through this:

    next, go to thethe support page, enter one or more keywords in the search box on that page related to what you want to know, click the ‘Search’ button and choose from the list you’re presented with.

    To do a more accurate search in the support pages, go to Google search, type

    then type a space and type a keyword or keywords, or a phrase or two and do a search on that in Google. To get a more accurate search on more than one keyword or on a phrase, enclose them in double quotes. For instance, if you were trying to find information on how to use the Media Library in blog, you could type: “Media Library”

    which would get you results quickly.

    To do a more accurate search in the Forums, go to Google search, type:

    then type a space, and then follow that with your keyword or keywords inside double quotes as before.

    The support documentation has all you need to know and if you read the relevant topics in the forums, it should help fill in missing gaps.

  3. Sorry, here's the support page :

  4. Thank you.

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