how do i link my blogs so that it posts to my facebook business page

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    and not to my personal profile? I don’t want to post everything to my profile, want to post it onto my business page
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    The Publicize feature doesn’t support posting to Facebook pages yet, just to personal profiles. However, Facebook has an app, called Notes, that will read you blog’s RSS feed and post it to a Facebook page.


    i’ve added my blog as an rss feed. i’m a little confused about the notes thing how i get my business page to run off my blog? what is the process on facebook?


    You need to add the Facebook Notes app to your page and specify the RSS feed you want it to display.


    how do i speed up the rss feed process? is there anyway we can ‘push’ the feed so that after i have posted a blog i can then push the feed so that it will show up on my facebook business page almost instantly like it shows up instantly on twitter?



    The Notes Importer is controlled by Facebook and only looks for new posts on a schedule that Facebook determines based on what appears to be feed popularity, but it’s kind of a company secret, so we can only guess.

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