How do I link my categories to specific pages on my blog?

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    This is the first time I’ve emailed support directly. i’ve been using wordpress for a while and have always been more than impressed by how user friendly everything is for a complete amateur like myself.

    if you check out, you’ll see how when you clink on one of the categories in the drop down menu on the right hand side, it seems as though you are brought to the corresponding page. and also, when you click on one of the categories listed in a post, you are brought to a page that contains all of the posts in that category–instead of away from your site and to a more global list.

    i would like to do something similar to my site, but haven’t quite been able to figure it out. thanks for the help,

    Blog url:



    Hi – I took a look and everything seems to be working properly. When I select one of the categories from your widget at it pulls up a list of all posts under that category. For example, selecting “Environmental” takes you to

    Were you able to get everything working properly? If not, can you send specific links to where the issue is occurring?

    Please let me know and we will take a look.


    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

    I agree that when you select one of the categories from the widget, it pulls up a list of all the posts under that category, but is there a way to say for example, link “brand” in categories to the “Team” page

    thanks again.



    Thanks for clarifying. Categories are only available for posts and cannot be applied to pages.


    sorry to keep bothering you. but then how did set it up so that when you click on the “team” page, it lists all of the posts in that are in the “team” category.


    Member is running the self-hosted and open source version of WordPress available at (instead of the hosted version that you use here at The open source version of gives you full control of the code and they have customized their site to add categories to pages. and are two different entities. Please check out to learn more about the differences.

    Let me know if you have any question.


    great thanks. i appreciate the help.



    It’s my pleasure. If you are interested switching to a self-hosted installation of, please check out this support doc –

    We have hosting recommendations at

    We also offer a Guided Transfer upgrade – we’ll move everything over for you and get you all setup with your self-hosted installation. For more details, please see


    thanks for the info. although there are a few things i’d like to set up differently, i think i’ll probably stick with what i have right now since programingwise, i don’t know anything about writing code, ect. i’ll keep switching over in mind down the road though. thanks again.

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