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How do I link pictures to a specific page if they are in a gallery?

  1. On my home page I used the mosaic gallery because I love the look, however I do not want the photos used in the gallery to link to an attachment page. I want the photos to link to individual pages of my choosing. Can I do this?

    Is there some way to place the coding in the gallery script that shows in the text view of my Welcome page?

    Thank you so much in advance!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. They are linked.

  3. I want the photos to link to individual pages of my choosing. Can I do this?Is there some way to place the coding in the gallery script that shows in the text view of my Welcome page?

    I don't have answers for your question but either another Volunteer or Staff will answer them. Please be patient while waiting.

  4. Images inserted in a Gallery link to the Photo Carousel, the image's attachment page or the media file. Currently they can't link directly to other pages on your site.

    Having said that, you can use text links in the image caption or image description that will appear in the photo carousel or attachment page. See here:

  5. Thank you for the responses!

    JustJennifer - the documentation you provided a link for was wonderful, Thank you. However, I have decided not to try it. Adding a caption will throw off the clean look that I like for my homepage.

    I do have one more question:
    I have chosen option 'none' for linking on my home page gallery and the photo carousel is turned off. Why does the images in the gallery still link to an attachment page or just show the images on a plain white page even though I have turned linking off?????

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Hmmm ... that's odd as “None“ means when we click on the inserted image it has no effect.

    The default is “None”: if you prefer one of the other options, you’ll have to click the relevant tab. The tool will remember your last choice, so you only have to do this once (as long as you don’t want a different option in another post or page).

    Here are more details about the options for uploading images

  7. Visit my home page and you will see the images are linking to an attachement page even though the gallery is set to 'none'. Is this a problem on the wordpress end?? I am using the Autofocus theme.

  8. If you have used the Gallery feature there is no "none" available in the "link to" option. That option is only available for individual images, as tt pointed out above.

    The Photo Carousel is the default for the Gallery feature, unless you've turned that off in your Dashboard's Media Settings Then either the attachment page or media file (in which I find the navigation inconvenient) is the next option.

    Since you are using the Tiles style of Gallery, why not try a caption on one photo and see how you like it. They sort of hover over the image.
    It doesn't happen in my demo post because I'm using the default thumbnail grid. Regardless, you can see the captions in action on the Gallery support doc.

    Having said all that, you (and we) seem to be overlooking the major feature of the Autofocus theme, which is to create a frontpage mosaic of featured images from your blog posts (no Gallery involved). Check it out on the theme's Showcase page.

  9. When I go to edit the home page gallery it gives me three options - attachment page, media file, and none. Is there some sort of problem on the wordpress end then? As I view my pages sometimes they keep changing fonts as well.

    The home page of my site is static. The Projects page will make use of the mosaic of images from my blog posts. I want the home page to be as it looks now. I will try out the caption to see how it looks. If it hovers over the photos then it would possibly work.

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