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How do I link the a page I created to the main page?

  1. I created a page titled "Home" and I want to link it to the original main blog page where I post blog entries/posts. How can I link the "Home" page to the main page? Or do I create this a different way?

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. What's the URL of the "Home" page in question?

  3. It's the main page of my wordpress blog. I created a "Home" tab and I just want it to link to my main wordpress page. For example,
    How can I do this?


  4. already has what appears to be the default "Home" tab, which is why I thought you were referring to another blog.

  5. I was, that was just an example. The one I was referring to was private. Anyways, I changed the settings, I am referring to this blog.

  6. Thank you. On that blog, there is already a menu featuring "Home" which directs to:

    If you want to make that static page the front page for your beyourownpuzzle blog, here are the instructions to follow:

    If you want your front page to remain as it is (the list of your latest posts), but want to add/remove items manually from the menu on the top right corner, you may want to create or update your custom menu:

    Does that answer your question? :-)

  7. Thanks for helping me out with this. :) What you sent is very helpful as well.
    However, I want that home tab at the top to redirect to, exactly as it is. I don't think the instructions you sent are directed at that because it's telling me to create a separate page called "Posts." It suggests I separate the two. However, I just want it to link to just the way it is, with blogs posts included.

    Thanks again!

  8. OK, in that case create or update the customs menu following the second link I gave you and manually add a link called "Home" that directs to the URL "/". Here's that link again:

  9. Or try deleting the empty "Home" static page at Pages > Pages.

  10. I have tried going to the Menu section and adding a Custom link where I titled the label "Home" yet it does not appear on my page.

  11. I figured it out! Reading>Static page to Posts Page>Home

    Thanks a lot, you really helped me out! :)

  12. OK, good to hear you solved the problem :-)
    Glad I could help.

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