How do I list all my posts on my front page?

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    I can’t work out how to make my front page list all the posts I have done rather than just the most recent ones. I thought categories would do the job but clicking on a category only shows the most recent post in that category.
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    We don’t recommend displaying more than 10 or 20 posts on a single page for performance reasons. You can control this setting at Settings -> Reading.

    Your category pages should display all of the posts that are assigned a particular category, but it may paginate the archive if you have many.



    Thanks Chris. I’m still getting used to the terminology so I didn’t express myself very well. What I would like is some way of listing [ and providing a way to navigate to] all of my posts, including the older ones.

    I’ve discovered that if I click on a category I can scroll down the posts to see each post in the category but this is very awkward.

    Is there a widget I could use that would allow users to see the list of all posts in a category and then click on one of those posts to read it?

    Sorry to be such a n00b.



    No problem, we’re here to help! :)

    If you’d like to add your category pages to your site’s sidebar, you may want to use the Categories Widget:

    You can activate this Widget via your Appearance -> Widgets page.

    The Archives Widget might be something you’d want to look into as well:

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