How do I make a blog that I already created into a classroom blog?

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    So I heard that WordPress is a good platform for classrooms. I want a blog where my photography students can upload the photos that they have taken all in one place from their separate home computers. I made a blog called jhsphoto2013 but I think maybe I made the wrong kind? Is there a way to turn it into a classroom blog, or a way that I can achieve the result I am looking for? Currently the sign-in involves my email address which doesn’t seem appropriate for my class. Help?!

    The blog I need help with is



    There is no such thing as a “classroom” blog.

    If you would like to have multiple users on a single site, go to Users > Invite New and add each one’s email address to send them an invite.

    I do this with my college students and in training workshops all the time. The best thing is to have the students sign up first for a account (they can click the link on the sign up page (buried in the text) for just a username if they don’t want or need a site of their own). Then have the students give you their username or the email they registered with. Invite them with that information.

    Set their invites to have them be authors or contributors, based upon the user roles and permissions you wish them to have, and they can upload their own images, write posts, etc.

    They can upload single posts with their images or contribute multiple images to a single post (group blogging), or upload the images to the Media Library and let an “editor” arrange the posts with the images.

    Many possibilities.

    Good luck with your project and good for you!

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