How do I make a new post to a different page?

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    I conntacted you several days ago and still have not heard back. Everytime I try to make a new post on a different page, it always turns up on my main page. Can I not post to a different page? it is not giving me the parent page option under new posts.
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    I’m afraid not; it’s only possible to choose one page on which to display your posts, this can be chosen from Settings > Reading in your dashboard.

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    You may be confusing posts and pages. This help page would be good to read:

    If you would like to make separate sections of posts, you can use category pages for that:

    And you can add a category page to a custom menu if you want the category to be listed in the top navigation:



    I have a pet website where i am showing peoples pets online through a l=gallery nd want to seperate the different kinds of pets…do i have to make several (possible hundreds) of new pages everytime i want to post a few pictures? That seems abit counter productive. Is there no upgrade or anything you can get to be able to have that option?


    Every time you want to post a few pictures, you can create a gallery and that will create attachment pages for you and link all of the pictures automatically. It sounds like you may already be familiar with the gallery option, but here is the help page just in case:

    Now, there is not a way to move the pictures around easily and separate them, so you’ll want to be diligent about how you add pictures from the beginning. If you’d like to separate them by breed for example, then I would recommend making one post or page for each breed and then always uploading images you want to appear in that breed using the corresponding post/page’s edit page. When you upload images into a post or page using the icon above the editor, the images get attached to a gallery for that page automatically.

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