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How do I make a picture bigger when clicked?

  1. How do I make it possible for someone to click a picture if they want to see it bigger??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ops the correcty:

    <br /> <a href="url of image 2.jpg"><img src="url of image 1.jpg" width="your value" height="your value" /></a><br />

  3. The image doesn't seem to get bigger when I click on it, panaghiotisadam. I am not sure what that means raul008. Still looking for an answer.

  4. @sbokros: The answer is the one Tess and I gave you. If you do that, then when you click on the thumbnail of your latest post, this is what you'll get:

  5. Thank you, Panaghiotisadam and 1tess. I appreciate your help. I have attempted to do this on another blog and I can not get the picture to become readable. Please visit and click on that image. This is the one that I am having trouble with.

    Again, Thanks for your help.

  6. Go to the html post editor and delete the "?w=231" part of the code.

  7. What size image did you upload?
    That looks like a pdf file?
    or is it a table copied from Word?

  8. rrrgh!!

  9. ~~~

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