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How do I make additional pages visible to my visitors?

  1. thelovelypacheco

    My blog is :) I have an about US page and a free patterns page. But I don't have a menu bar on my homepage that lets others click for different pages (I call them tabs LOL) :D

    Please help. Thanks!


  2. Put the "pages" widget in the sidebar.

  3. I dont understand how to make my blogs public .

  4. @silentwoman
    If your blog is set to private, then go to options > privacy and check one of the first two options and then click "update options.

  5. thelovelypacheco

    Thanks thesacredpath! I am off to do that now. :)

  6. thelovelypacheco

    Okay, that sticks it in the sidebar. Is there a way to have it show under the header as tabs?
    For example Thanks!

  7. You don't even have to make a ''pages'' widget. When you're creating your page (click ''edit'' if you've already made it), make sure the page status (right-side of the page) is set on ''Published.''

  8. That depends on your theme; some have pages automatically tabbed across the top, but some, like Dusk, don't. If you don't use the Pages widget, people might never see it.

    To make it show as tabs, you'll have to choose a different theme. My favorite is Freshy.

  9. thelovelypacheco

    Thanks everyone! :) I off to look at Freshy now, raincoaster. Thanks

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