How do I make all posts from a specific category appear on my home page?

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    i am using the Elegant Grunge theme, not paying any money for the fantastic services of WordPress!

    There are actually 2 ways to accomplish what I want:
    1) Show only posts from one single category on my home page, OR
    2) Omit all posts in one particular category from my home page.

    How do I do either of these?

    Thank you!
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    In general the main page of your site will show all your posts from all categories. There is no way to change that, and no way to set a category page as your site main landing page.

    The only theme here that offers anything near this is the Premium theme, Magazine, which allows you to highlight categories on the main page.


    One other suggestion, although this is not what you are looking for, would be to have a static front page for your site and then include your categories (as long as there aren’t too many) in a custom menu. Custom menu are highly flexible and well worth getting to know better.



    Thank you, SacredPath. it’s good to know that it’s simply not possible :)))))

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