How do I make authors twitter handles appear when linked on twitter?

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    How do I make the right author’s twitter account display when linked on twitter? Right now, all posts give an administrator’s twitter handle when linked there, even when it’s a different author. I want the twitter handle to be specific to the author

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there. Are you talking about the twitter button on posts? That button can only be linked to one user’s account, usually the blog admin/owner as that’s the only person who has access to that setting.

    Each author should be able to link their own Twitter accounts under Publicize in the sharing settings to auto-post new posts to their own accounts, but that won’t affect the username mentioned when the sharing button is used.


    I mean when a post is actually just linked by anyone on Twitter, it shows a twitter account on the little article preview in the tweer, but it’s always the same guys (an admin’s) and not the author. I have seen other wordpress things do this, where it shows the specific author’s twitter handle in the twitter preview



    I’m not completely sure, but I had a look at my own Twitter stream and various posts of myself and others that I’ve tweeted, including posts from a multi-author blog I contribute to, and I notice that in each case the Twitter account linked as author in the preview was the one linked under Sharing Settings for that blog as explained above, i.e. the blog owner. The only exception I could find is when people didn’t have a Twitter account linked, in which case the author displayed as or Jetpack, which is the default Twitter mention depending on whether you have a or self-hosted site. As we can only link one Twitter account per blog, it can only show that account, regardless of who the actual author is.

    The other sites where you’ve seen the correct author being used were most likely self-hosted sites that used a plugin to link each author’s posts to their own Twitter accounts. As we cannot use plugins on, that is not possible here. Sorry.

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