How do I make Google Apps work with WordPress?

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    I have read the comments by people experiencing the same problem and none of them resolves my specific problem.

    I purchased domain credits to make my domain work with WordPress. I already had Google Apps with and liked it. When I changed the nameservers to point here, I suddenly lost Google Apps and my email no longer worked.

    So I phoned up Google Apps support and they suggested I just put it all back to them and merely forward my domain to the domain.

    That is what I am currently doing but it’s just a bodge really because ultimately I don’t want “WordPress” in the URL.

    I’ve been reading comments and they say YES, you can get Google Apps to work with WordPress, while having WordPress look after your domain.

    I don’t care about Google Calendars, Google Docs etc. I just want Google Mail to work with my account. It’s essential to have an email contact for your account.

    It seems to be a question of changing the nameservers to point here and keeping the MX records as Google. But I don’t want to do the wrong thing and lose all my Google settings all over again.

    Can someone out there please tell me how???

    And then I can do the same with my other WordPress account.

    Remember, I am an idiot, so you need to tell me in language an idiot will understand!



    Here are Google’s instructions to activate Google Apps for hosted blogs:

    Step 1. Login to Dashboard

    Step 2. Write a new page, using your unique filename assigned by google as your pages Page Title. example: google51603ad9d1bcb791.html as the page title. (include the period)

    Step 3. Publish the page, and go back to Google Webmaster Tools and click verify.

    And your done! Now you’ll be able to use Google Webmaster Tools with your hosted blog! Enjoy.



    Thanks, that’s the simplest explanation I have yet received.

    Still don’t understand it!

    Do I need to remove all the google apps stuff from the DNS settings and replace with the wordpress nameserver details?

    I appreciate the step by step instructions but need more steps, I thinks.



    Still don’t understand. There should be better support from WordPress and Google. I suppose you get what you pay for.



    1) Log into your google account through the Webmaster Tools Page.

    2) Add your site

    3) Go to the Statistics tab and click on the link that says verify.

    4)In the web master tools section select “Upload an HTML file” as your method of verification.

    5) Create a new page (not a post) and use the code they give you as the title. Example of the code:


    6) Click to publish it.

    7) Ask Google to verify your Blog.



    You seem to be seeing something I don’t see.

    Are you talking about my Google Dashboard, my GoDaddy account or my WordPress account. Can’t see any of this.






    I verified my Google Apps ages ago.
    I had the Google Apps set up well before I had even heard of WordPress. I am now just trying to get it to work with the WordPress blog. This should be easy, but it is not. And if you say it is not, you just get sarcasm from people who have managed to do it themselves but cannot explain properly how they did it.


    This from the FAQ talks about gmail MX: . It is, as the FAQ says, the only Google App that currently works here and only with mapped domains.



    Seen that and it doesn’t help. The support being offered seems mainly to apply to people who had WordPress FIRST and then decided to get Google Apps later. I had Google Apps first and then decided to get WordPress.

    As I already explained, I just want the email to work. If there is a way of re-verifying, perhaps someone can tell me how. I already verified weeks ago.



    I finally figured it out, like monkeys and typewriters.

    I was already verified so didn’t need some of the steps suggested.

    I went to Dashboard – Settings – Domains – Enable Google MX

    The Google Apps email seems to be working, which is important.

    Might set my other wordpress blogs up in the same way now.




    Just set up the other one, Gotham News this way too. Worked immediately.



    Strange. While WordPress says it doesn’t support other Google Apps applications like Documents etc, most of mine appear to be working.

    I wonder if this is because I only changed the nameservers in GoDaddy and left everything else as it was.

    Don’t think that can be the reason though because all you see when you log into GoDaddy is the nameservers.



    Spoke to soon.

    Two of them working. The third says it’s parked with GoDaddy. I switched it to redirect to while I figure out what’s wrong.



    Hmm, works now. Awesome!

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