how do i make images fill the width of blog content?

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    I have custom design and have altered the blogum theme.

    I needed my content feed to be wider so changed it from 545px to 750px. I did this because i wanted my landscape photos to be larger.

    The border of the blog content has widened and so has the text width so i know the content feed is 750px, but no matter what size image i try to upload, they keep coming out small like the original blog had them. I’ve even tried uploading a landscape image with a width of 750px but still it ended up smaller when i previewed the post. I also tried going into the images advanced settings in the new post but that didn’t do anything either.

    Is this something that can be fixed with css, i seem to have tried everything i know. any help would be greatly appreciated! thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Appearance > Custom Design > CSS: set the appropriate pixel width in the Content Width field you’ll see below the CSS editor, save.

    Note: In the future make sure you post CSS questions in the CSS forum, not the Support forum.


    oops, didnt realise i was in wrong forum, will do! thank you.

    I’ve also done what you suggested, the content width is saved at 750px but to no avail. the images are still sticking at their original size.



    ? The images in your latest two posts (as well as in several other posts) are now 750px wide.


    Yes. I came across another feed which suggested the following

    .post-content img {
    Max-width: 750px !important;

    That did the trick. All I had to do for my previous images was change their width in advanced settings. Works lovely now.

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