How do I make links work in the Academica theme?

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    I’ve built this website ( using the Academica theme. It looks OK but I need to add some simple, basic hyperlinks to specific parts of pages, or to sections further down the same page. Every time I try to add anchors to the text in the editing section (for example see foot note
which should make a link that jumps to
foot note) the code is stripped out when I move to the Visual editor pane, or when I Preview Changes, or Update. See Programme > Previous years for an example (I’d like the year dates at the top of the page to link to the correct section further down the page). I’m on an old Mac G4, still running OSX 10.4.11, and using Safari 4.1.3 and/or Firefox 3.6.28. Is that at the root of the problem? SiGarb

    The blog I need help with is



    that bit about anchors should of course read “for example <a href="#foot_note_1">see foot note</a>
which makes a link that jumps to
<a title="foot_note_1"name="foot_note_1">foot note</a>. Sorry!

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