HOW DO I… make many pages with a table of contents?

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    i would like to include hundreds of information sheets each on seperate pages of my wordpress site.

    the hitch, though, is that i do not want them to be chronologically ordered as the main blog is, but instead organized under four or five other categories so people can easily pull up the file they want. a table of contents would be an added bonus.

    what is the best way to achieve this effect?

    the pages function is close to what i want, but it does not allow the user to post multiple times to the same page/category. plus there’s the issue of how to search for these individual files…

    thanks for any feedback



    i’m answering my own question here…

    one now-obvious way would be to make 4 or 5 pages that feature links to individual files which appear as posts in the main blog. this requires me to link them myself.

    is there a prettier/easier way?




    Unfortunately, I don’t think there *is* an easier way. I believe that others have done similar things but I don’t know how. Have a look at to see what he’s done, it’s certainly one way. I don’t know how he’s achieved it though.





    This topic has been covered before, either in this forum or the faqs, under something such as ‘ pages index’. I’m just too lazy to look it up for you.
    Linking to yourself doesn’t show up to me as being unpretty, I dont see that part of things.
    I did a table of contents for my pages



    For the most part, it’s done manually. Some of the themes may have a Page Template that will display an index but I’ve not seen any that have.



    Perhaps this will be helpful if you do go ahead with manual creation

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