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how do I make my "about" widget appear as a link?

  1. I've just written an "about me" using a text widget. all the text is appearing on my front page but I only wanted a link that interested people could click.

    apologies if this question has been asked before. I try to search the FAQ and forums first

  2. you need to copy the text from the text widget and put it into a page (dashboard -> write -> write page). if you name the page about in the page slug, then you will have an about page then you can link to it using the link tag, then paste the code into the text widget so your readers can click on it.

    actually, if you publish an about page most themes will show a tab to click on.

    hope i'm clear enough here...

  3. thank you sulz

  4. no problem, glad to help. =)

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