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How do I make my background img fit all monitor sizes

  1. I read somewhere that you can input width="100"%" height="100%" in the body tag, however I can't get it to work. Basically, I'd like to background img to automatically resize to fit the screen regardless if I'm on a 15" monitor or a 19". Anyone know? I'd appreciate it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you using a flexible-width theme?

  3. No. She's using Vigilance.
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  4. I didn't think that mattered, but keep in mind that I do have the CSS Upgrade. Thanks for your help.

  5. Any background image that you use is a fixed pixel size. Whether the monitor is 15'' or 19'' isn't as important as understanding the resolution used. A 600 pixel wide image is always 600 pixels wide, but may look relatively larger or smaller, in inches and area of the screen, depending on the resolution.

    Most of the time, if someone has a graphical background, they are using a small (in pixels) size graphic that can be tiled to fill the screen. Tiling works at any resolution, although the size of the tile relative to the resolution will change the way the tiling appears. In other words, a 3x3 tile will look big at 640x480 resolution, but small at 1280x768.

    Probably more than you want to know, but hopefully it makes sense and is useful.
    Good luck!

  6. That's a very useful post. Thanks.

  7. @cvanhasselt
    I also understood what you said. Thank you. :)

  8. @cvanhasselt Thank you for this. I realized I probably just needed to make my image bigger. It was only 1335x665 when it should have been 1470x735 (the recommended monitor setting for a 19" monitor). I have a 19" monitor at work and noticed that it was showing white space all the way around the image as if it wasn't big enough. I asked the question before realizing how small the image was. I think I have it fixed now.

    I suppose I'll see tomorrow at work!

    Thanks again!

  9. Keep in mind that anyone who is viewing without 19" monitor will see it differently - smaller ones will cut off the image, and larger ones will have the smae problem as you had.

  10. @wpadvanced. I do realize that. I was simply trying to "cover" (pun intended) the vast majority of users up to 19" atleast. I think I got it figured out as my entire screen at work today is filled with the image, and it still looks good. Thanks everyone!

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