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How do i make my blog look like THISSSS?????

  1. I want to know how to make my blog look like this please:

    If you could point me in the direction of some sites which have either tutorials or how tos to edit my page into something like this.]

    Cheers Guys x

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No. There is no way to do that with blogs.

  3. OMG, MY EYES!!!!!!!!
    why on heavens earth would you want your blog looking like that?! (no offense though) eyes...I need to lie down for a bit...

  4. Firstly, that's horrible. That was a tragic event and it's not humorous in the least.

    Everyone, before you click on that link, I am not sure if it's malicious, but know that it leads to a site that might slow down your computer, very large images, and flash content, and the background is of the famous "Heaven's Gate" suicides cult, and the images are of the bodies left behind covered by the ceremonial blankets. Just a heads up for some that might view it as offensive.
    A lot of you remember the incident that happened when the Hailey-Bop comet was a big thing.

    Also, BillyDupee, if you"re going to ask for help in the forums, you need to provide a link to your website starting with http://

    please refrain from spamming the forums.

  5. @starsquid
    I'm laughing out loud. My response to that ugliness was the same -- pass the eye bleach! ... lol :D However, everyone has their own unique preferences and this appears to be an ouverblown and out of sight "myspaces" type of style on a wordpress.ORG site that some youngsters go for.

    dreamsburnedred is correct in saying this cannot be done on a wordpress.COM blog. But if you must have it, then you can hire a web host and use wordpress.ORG software on your own domain.

  6. Hmm that horrible link is using

  7. Indeed ;)

  8. More precisely, that perveresity is based on the "Wordpress Classic" theme...

  9. Er, perversity... Hard to type when you're shocked!

  10. Yes, it is hard to type when you are recoiling in HORROR!

  11. lol.

  12. Ditto lol Gosh my eyes burn. xp I'm sort of shocked my computer didn't crash though. lol

    Sorry to cry about your taste. I mean no harm by it, forgive me. T-T

    I had no idea it could be made on Learned something new. :)

  13. ...bizarre, they're using images from Heaven's Gate, including the dead cultists on the bunk beds, as their background.

  14. ...which Kym already noticed.

  15. The drugs which would make you think that design is a good idea are not supported here at, where we are on a shared blogging platform, meaning if you got stoned everyone else using the same theme would get equally stoned and let's face it, dude, you can't afford to buy enough drugs to work for everyone, can you.

    So you'd need to be at for that.

  16. ****ROTFLMAO**** :D

  17. Hey,
    it wasn't all bad. Konrad Lorenz looked, um, interesting…

  18. It's also running WordPress 2.3.3, which makes me wonder if someone hacked the blog to make it look like that.

  19. Hmmm ... interesting comment.

  20. "MY EYES" they have been damaged for life my computer wouldn't let me leave the site fast enough.

  21. As a matter of fact, we are not here to make either "free speech" or "aesthetic" judgements. The design is almost enough shockingly bad to be some sort of statement (perhaps of stupidity) about something "artistic." Or an easy LOL.

    At any rate, some of the annoying effects there on that site could be done with as annimated gifs for example.

    There is lots of stuff I would never order on restaurant menus, but…

    It makes my hair hurt, but we are not here to make judgements? Right?

  22. letmeexplainthat

    Horrible looking page! I gotta have another drink now... The people who created that must be on a cocktail of banned drugs...

    How do you know its a wordpress.ORG blog?

  23. I'm thinking that Telly may be right. Maybe this is a site that was hacked. (Note it's running wordpress version 2.3.3 - we are now at 2.9.1 and earlier versions do have security vulnerabilities).

    Suppose Telly is right, then is it harder to believe that the hacker may indeed be gloating over this and want to show off his nefarious "work"?

    Or is it harder to believe that anyone might actually want a site that resembles that HORROR?

    Just saying ... think about it.

  24. @ashishjena

    It says powered by WordPress at the bottom of the site.

  25. Seems to me that the purpose of the OP was to get people to check out the site.

  26. Hmmm ... got the drift, eh?
    No more clicks from me.

  27. Not everything that says "Powered By WordPress" is powered by WordPress - anyone can write that at the bottom of a web page. (Some people will rip off someone's design and leave the footer intact). will usually confirm whether or not a site really is WordPress. That's how I found the version number.

  28. Moderator Note this post has been removed due to the fact it's not related to this threads topic. - T3CK,

  29. We're not here to make judgements? Hell, that's what I thought was my purpose in life!

    desaibankim, don't hijack threads with completely unrelated issues. Try a forum search first.

  30. It is Jan. 7th and 7:53 PM mountain time and I clicked it and got to see it, so it is still up and running. It reminded me of Gansta Rap or some-such "music" that isn't anything but yelling and screaming put to different chords that don't flow too well, by bands with names like smashing pumpkins, or talking heads. (As you can probably tell, I don't like "music" that makes me irritable.) But I did find the site fascinating in that I was constantly wondering, "How the heck did they do THAT?" And as a positive thing that came out of it: I REALLY like my page a lot better, now.

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