How do i make my blog look like THISSSS?????

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    As a matter of fact, we are not here to make either “free speech” or “aesthetic” judgements. The design is almost enough shockingly bad to be some sort of statement (perhaps of stupidity) about something “artistic.” Or an easy LOL.

    At any rate, some of the annoying effects there on that site could be done with as annimated gifs for example.

    There is lots of stuff I would never order on restaurant menus, but…

    It makes my hair hurt, but we are not here to make judgements? Right?


    Horrible looking page! I gotta have another drink now… The people who created that must be on a cocktail of banned drugs…

    How do you know its a wordpress.ORG blog?



    I’m thinking that Telly may be right. Maybe this is a site that was hacked. (Note it’s running wordpress version 2.3.3 – we are now at 2.9.1 and earlier versions do have security vulnerabilities).

    Suppose Telly is right, then is it harder to believe that the hacker may indeed be gloating over this and want to show off his nefarious “work”?

    Or is it harder to believe that anyone might actually want a site that resembles that HORROR?

    Just saying … think about it.




    It says powered by WordPress at the bottom of the site.



    Seems to me that the purpose of the OP was to get people to check out the site.



    Hmmm … got the drift, eh?
    No more clicks from me.



    Not everything that says “Powered By WordPress” is powered by WordPress – anyone can write that at the bottom of a web page. (Some people will rip off someone’s design and leave the footer intact). will usually confirm whether or not a site really is WordPress. That’s how I found the version number.



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    We’re not here to make judgements? Hell, that’s what I thought was my purpose in life!

    desaibankim, don’t hijack threads with completely unrelated issues. Try a forum search first.



    It is Jan. 7th and 7:53 PM mountain time and I clicked it and got to see it, so it is still up and running. It reminded me of Gansta Rap or some-such “music” that isn’t anything but yelling and screaming put to different chords that don’t flow too well, by bands with names like smashing pumpkins, or talking heads. (As you can probably tell, I don’t like “music” that makes me irritable.) But I did find the site fascinating in that I was constantly wondering, “How the heck did they do THAT?” And as a positive thing that came out of it: I REALLY like my page a lot better, now.



    Oh that’s pretty lightweight in the awful websites league. Feeling better still?



    I’m thinking that we probably all like our own blogs a lot better now.
    I went away l ♥ ing mine. :)



    Wow that is a awful website.That site truly hurt my eyes in just the short time of my visit there. lol



    Do I ever know what you mean.

    UGLY! I clicked that link and couldn’t get my back button to work so I could get the heck out fast enough. I was so dizzy that I panicked and closed multiple windows and tabs so fast and in the wrong order that I crashed my browser. :D



    OOPS! someone forgot a



    I’m hopeful that is some kind of art project.



    I think it’s a warning telling ya’ll, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS!
    All that flashing and flickering, it reminds me of that incident in Japan where kids were watching an episode of Pokemon which had a flashing sequence and sent lots of kids to the hospital because of seizures.

    And yes, liking design is a matter of taste, bad there is bad and then there are things that should be banned from the human eye! Oh gawd, even thinking of what my eyes went through the other day makes me dizzy.

    If they’d make a horror movie out of that blog it would beat the Exorcist hands down!!



    *passing the eye-bleach
    I never understood those myspace type of pages.

    Pink text scrolling over a tiled-photo-of-you-and-your-dog-background, flashing banners, disneyland-weather-forecast widget, photo’s of all your hundred hobbies, horoscope widget, top-three favorite holiday destination widget, radio widget, countdown-to-Jenny’s-birthday widget, diary, and a generous sprinkling of (auto-playing)midi’s and youtube clips here and there.

    I think I get the concept now, who can make the ugliest page.


    hi everyone …



    As usual, late to the party. All I can say is: o_O

    I feel like I’ve been rickrolled.

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