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How Do I Make My Blogs Display In Chronological Order?

  1. My blogs list in reverse chronological order. I want them to list in chronological order. Once I found a preference/option that let me do it this way, but it reverted spontaneously, and now I can't find the place I chose this option.

  2. Actually they're in alphabetical order. I think with the Default theme, that's how it lists them.

    You can try editing the links and giving them a rating under the advanced tab and see if it picks up on that but I think the Default theme sticks with alphabetical order.

  3. I don't follow you. Did you mean inverse alphabetical order?

    My three blogs appear in this order:

    JPG Compression — Part 2
    JPEG Compression — Devil or Angel?
    Get More Pictures on Your Camera’s Memory Card

    This is the inverse of the order I entered them The last "Get more . . " was entered/dated first and the top one in the above list was entered/dated last. It happens this is inverse alphabetical order, which I suspect is a accidental happening.

    Here's another example of using the default theme and there's no semblance of alphabetical order. However they are in inverse chronological order, just like mine.

  4. OK, I don't know what you are looking at then. When I look at your blog, I see:

    .i dream in red. - .inside a photographers mind.
    Emily’s Journal
    Sounding Board: HAL-PC Clear Lake

    Please tell me what and where you are looking. :)

  5. I see. Those are links to other people's blogs. I am talking about the order in which *MY* articles are listed.

  6. Ok, it wasn't clear there. You made it sounds like to me that you were talking about the list of blogs on your site.

    I understand now.

    One of the reasons why I always ask for examples around here. :)

    Afraid not. Blogs are pretty much defined to list in a reverse chronological order.

    Only sugegstion, outside of grabbing the WordPress code and hacking it yourself is to make everything into a Page and list them in your sidebar. You can then create an additional page and replace that as your blog's home page at Dashboard -> Options -> Reading -> Front Page displays and include links there.

    Hope this helps,

  7. I'm not sure what you mean by "make everything into a page?" Is there a way to put articles onto separate pages?

    I just realized I have control over the publication date. By creating artificial dates I get it to display in the order I want. Using the phony dates bothers me some but it's better than nothing.

  8. Instead of writing a Post, you can write a Page. Dashboard -> Write -> Write Page. That would keep them outside of your Posts, they don't get dated, and you can even put them into some sort of order by numbering them.

    Posts and Pages are single items. You can make subpages though and assign them a Page Parent along the right hand side of the Write Page page.

    Hope this helps,

  9. yeah, this is a problem that makes inconvenion. I sent a feedback on this problem but have not get any response from wordpress.

    i do a little trick to order them. let's see my blog's categories.

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