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How do I make my images bigger?

  1. Hey there

    I am new to wordpress so bear with me please. I am trying to make my images a bit bigger. I've tried going on the image options but I can't go above 100% (this is the size the images are at the moment) which I don't understand as my images are a much larger size.

    The only way I can make the images bigger are my clicking the corner of the images and dragging. The problem is that this makes the image pixelated and blurry, even though the original pic is much bigger and totally clear.

    Is this the theme I am using? Is there a way to change this without changing the theme? Why does it do it!? hahaha

    Thank you for your help

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The best practice for images is to optimize and resize them to the exact size you want prior to uploading them to your blog. There are free desktop programs you can use Alternatively there are online programs you can use

  3. Also, each theme has its own maximum image width.

    If you upload images larger than that, resizes your images.

    //tt - I've always looked at that Support Doc and said to myself, "If they can't see how blurry the lower, "optimized" image is, they need glasses!"

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