How do i make my payment buttons work?

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    I uploaded payment buttons from pay pal on to my page. when i attempt to click on the buttons nothing happens. they are unclickable. The pay pal rep says that the codes are somehow getting cut off when i cut and paste them. i need to know how i can resolve this problem.
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    It seems the embed code is not correct.Could you please carefully follow the steps written in this guide.


    the embed code was entered correctly, but for some reason it gets separated after i update it. ive followed the steps 4 times now and the same thing happens.



    You shouldn’t actually be using the embed code, just an image link as outlined from step 5:


    thanks marc, i followed step 5 and the button came up, however it was still known responsive when you clicked it. it doesnt redirect to the paypal page.



    Can you tell which post or page the button is currently on?


    its ive taken the buttons down because they werent working. there was a donate button to the donate page and a buy now button on the event page. if itll help figure it out i can put them back on.



    Can you drop them on a test page for me?

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