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  1. Hi can anyone help me, how do I make my pictures smaller that I want to upload onto a post?


  2. Once you upload them and put them in the post, click on them, then click on the tree icon, which is, I think, #12, and you can set the width or height there. You can also apparently just move the corners in or out, although I haven't tried that.

  3. if you want to make them smaller before uploading (to save time, space), then crop the image or change the pixel number. You can use paint to constrainedly shrink the image (Image>>Stretch/ skew) Enter equal percentages in the value boxes for horizontal and vertical so that the image isn't oddly proportioned.

    If you want to make the image smaller after uploading (preserve pixel quality), click on the image after you've "sent to editor". Drag the corners of the image until you get it small enough.

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