How do I make my posts on other blogs link to my blog?

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    I have done this before, so I know it is a setting thing, but I can’t figure out how to do it. I want my name (gftiff) to be a link when I comment on other people’s blogs, so they can click on my name, and it take them to my blog. How do I set that up? It is not working right now…


    Dashboard > Users > edit at the right end of the line with your username. This will link your user name to your blog here on blogs as long as you are logged in.



    don’t forget to do it in your forum profile, too (upper right corner of the forum page)



    So by adding my website address to the website field under my blog name and AIM and YAHOO stuff, that links it to me? I added it, so I hope that is what you meant :) Thanks!



    yea! I think it worked! Thanks!!!



    The AIM, Yahoo and other stuff is not relevant or meaningful in this context. Your username is linked to your blog. This means that when you are signed into and leave comments on a blog the username link to your blog will be there for other bloggers to follow.


    Thanks, this information was very useful for me too!

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