how do i make my posts run in newest first?

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    how do i make my blog run so that what i post goes in order instead of the newest post first as im trying to do a step by step guide which wont make sense….



    Um, actually a blog is defined as having the latest post at the top of the home page. (Well, that what those idiots over at blogshares say.)

    I think you would be happier with a normal website. It’s actually doable I would think with blogging software (ie having the MySQl querys pull in the opposite order) but that would be going through and rewriting nearly every single queue.

    Now, what you could do instead is provide a small Table of Contents at the top of each post within the step by step guide and list all of the parts in order. Just every time you added a part, you would have to go back through and add the new page to each post.



    If you have all the information already, you can do that Table of contents approach (I’ve done it on two different blogs (and in one Forum); requires use of html code, but not access to source code; actually I’ve done it before and after the fact, posted everything at once with a table of contents, and then later linked a bunch of random blog entries into a Table of Contents).

    It takes a lot of work to set up (not too complicated, just takes time); basically your creating a list of links, internal links.

    It looks something like this (not sure if it will show up correctly (nor do I recall if I can edit, to bad there isn’t a Preview button on this forum; actually going by that “Allowed tags” this might not work, but the code might show up – by the way, not sure if those color codes are needed in a blog, they are/were needed on a particular forum, though):

    To navigate the guide click on one of the blue links to forward you to the section described:
    Generic questions. For example: How do I become an editor?

    <u>Q1) What is a “FAQ”?</u>

    A – Frequently Asked Questions

    Back Home

    Yep, not showing up correctly, and now that I go back and edit, and see that a lot of the coding has become gibberish. Well, sorry about that.

    Ok, now I’m sorry to assume you might need the help setting up a TOC, judging by your blog :) (the coding part). So, maybe I should be asking you if that color code section is needed (as mentioned, needed on a particular forum for the table of contents to work, so I just left them in when I posted into one of my blogs).



    Actually I have a solution to this. I’ll post it later in the day as i have a large queue of support tickets to hit first for my webhosting. It’s on my todo list though.

    Short answer is to do it as pages instead of posts but it’s a bit more detailed than that.




    Jayne, you can display your posts in reverse order by adding ?order=asc to your URL, like this link does.

    However, I think you’ll find most blog readers expect the latest post to be at the top of the page. It’s convenient for regular readers because they have already read what’s below.



    Andy, your solution works great. How can I do this for comments rather than for posts? I already tried this but doesn’t seem to work for comments. And how can I embed the ?order=asc instruction in the url address?

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