How do I make my publicized tweets show "view summary" instead of "view media"?

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    I want my publicized tweets from to display a “view summary” in the tweet, instead of “view media,” which is what shows now. I have seen other tweets from blogs show summaries. What settings do I need to change? I asked Twitter and they did not have the answer. Even when I manually copy and paste the url of my post into my tweet, it still shows “view media” and there is no preview of my blog post content in the tweet. Here is an example: |
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    I see you don’t have an answer yet and I have the same question. Whatever I share via Twitter displays in full. I have my settings set to “summary” and really only want a summary displayed.

    I also do not think views on Twitter are included in WP stats. Can anyone confirm?



    Views on Twitter are not counted. Views that are people clicking through to the blog FROM Twitter are counted.



    Thanks; Rain; but the summary issue?



    No idea, sorry.


    @teamoyeniyi, where have you changed your settings to “summary”? Maybe I need to change a setting somewhere in wordpress or twitter…


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