How do I make my website to be known?

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    Hi! Everyone! Who tell me that how can I make friends on wordpress and how to make people know about my website? How should I do?Do you tell me? Thanks !

    The blog I need help with is


    Twitter. I started a new second blog and most of my traffic is either from Twitter or the sticky post on my first blog saying the link to my new blog. No one on my first blog blogroll linked back to my new blog like I asked. Because we’re all “friends”, right. So Twitter has helped a lot. Make sure the title are good descriptive titles too. There’s also Facebook and Myspace where you can promote too. Unless you’re an adult blog, then you can only link back from Twitter.

    Also go and comment on similar type blogs & forums that are similar to your blog. That’s how anyone got to know who I was when I started my first blog almost three years ago.

    Link back to other blogs because when they see you linked back from their stats, they might one day link back to your blog.



    Please do a forum search when you ask a question: we have literally answered this over a thousand times. All the answers already here still apply.


    Seems like raincoaster is a mr grumpy pants.



    Not really. This is such a frequently asked question that the forum search box is full of threads on it, and the as the sticky post at the head of the forum advises always search first.

    The searchbox is full of threads containing many suggestions for blog promotion, attracting more readers, and increasing blog traffic. ;)

    To attract an initial traffic flow that will hopefully convert into regular readers and subscribers, new bloggers who have good writing skills need to focus on:
    1. Learning and understanding SEO and optimizing blog post titles, sub-titles, and keywords.
    2. Mastering use of the blogging platform that matches their goals and is easy to use.
    3. Choosing a niche and staying with it.
    4. Cultivating relationships.

    There are 10 standard tips to get traffic that you hear over and over again in the blogosphere. Interesting content is an attractor and in blogging content is king but promotion is queen.

    (1) You need to have expertise in a niche and you need to know how to write very well. That includes learning how to write “link bait” posts that other bloggers will backlink to.

    (2) You need to get a Google webmasters account and verify your blog ownership with the 3 big search engines. Then you need to structure a reader friendly and search engine friendly blog by learning how to apply basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques.

    (3) You need to build an archive of high quality original content and keep adding to it. By effective use of keywords, keyword phrases, Categories and Tags your content will begin to draw organic traffic from search engines, after it is indexed and made available to potential readers using search engine to locate specific content of interest to them. Note: After our posts are published they appear on the global tags pages and that will result in some traffic.

    (4) The rule of thumb is to start with about 6 pillar posts that showcase you expertise and then build on that foundation. You need to update your content frequently with new posts containing engaging content in order to hold reader interest.

    (5) You need to learn how to promote your content effectively through social media like Twitter, social networks like Facebook, etc. and at RSS feed sites, thereby encouraging other bloggers to backlink to your posts.

    Note: We have a Showcase Form for blog promotion at It’s marginally effective at securing a little traffic only. I recommend going far beyond this garden wall by joining the major social networks and becoming active in them.

    (6) You need to comment, comment, comment on other blogs in the same niche. You need to form relationships with other bloggers and create a blog centered community around your own blog while also helping them build a blog centered community around their blogs.

    (7) You need to join online forums and user groups within the niche and expand your contacts by having enough self confidence to be able to promote your blog without coming across as a spammer.

    Note: Next to traffic from search engines it’s relationships you create with other bloggers that is where traffic comes from.

    (8) You need to encourage your readers to comment on your posts and respond to their comments ASAP after approving them. You need to backlink to their content when it’s related to the content in your new posts in order to encourage reciprocity.

    (9) You need to participate in blog carnivals in your niche, consider setting up microblogs aimed at directing interested readers to your main blog.

    (10) You need to become a guest blogger on blogs with a higher PageRank then your own blog has.

    *** You need to have enough self confidence to be bold enough to state what I will now state: I am an experienced user of WordPress software. I blog about becoming a better blogger, building a better blog, and effective blog promotion. Please click my username and visit my site for more information of interest to you. *** :)



    raincoaster is a Ms grumpypants, and you picked the wrong day to point it out. Looks like some of the contents of your blog is stolen from other sites. Uh-oh.


    The writer happens to be my uncle and he permitted me to do so.

    That’s a lie.



    He’s not your uncle?


    Also, I agree with you on making a cloned thread polluting the website. That was actually my first comment on the wordpress forum. Strange place.



    there’s a few wannabe mods around here that SPAM the hell out of this forum under the guise of being helpful LOL
    I bet if they didn’t drop their blogs links 24/7 on here there site and traffic would be zero
    Guess turns the other way for the FREE labor

    [Update: Last sentence removed by moderator.]



    Then we have the self hosted sites that are so desperate for a link they take a cheep shot at “wannabe mods” – I have found TSP and the other “wannabe’s” to be very helpful.


    @jsinkeywest, there are those of us that have been around here answering questions int these forums for years, and we have answered this question, as raincoaster says, thousands of times. All that great information lives here in the forums and is just a search away. The search here in the forums isn’t perfect since threads here don’t get tagged correctly in many cases, but for the most part it works pretty well.

    The thing is, moderators and/or staff are not always around, and at times some of the volunteers here with the most experience need to slip that unofficial moderator hat on.



    No he’s not my uncle.


    One last comment before I head off to do some web design.

    Sometimes volunteers will get a little snarky when they’ve answered the same question possibly multiple times in a day. I’ve seen times when there are 4 or 5 instances of the same question right on the main forum page that have been asked – and answered – within a couple hours.

    For the most part though, this is one of the best forums, and the most helpful that there is on the web. Questions are answered quickly, and the volunteers have developed some very useful work-arounds for the various restrictions here.



    Volunteers also get a little snarky when they see people adding pointless comments to blog threads in order to draw attention to themselves. If you can’t handle attention, it’s probably not a good idea to do that.

    We also don’t tolerate ad hominem insults, such as chassidyaaron and jsinkeywest have posted here.

    If you’re too lazy to search the forum for an answer and you want to make us answer the same thing one thousand and one times for your convenience, you deserve a reminder that the forum search is your friend.

    If you’re just here to make personal attacks when people are given instruction in how to use the technical support forum, you deserve a reminder that the only way we know you’re a jerk is if you show us.



    Would you care to read a collection of rambling barely comprehensible personal attack comments replete with filthy language that were submitted to my blogs for 2 years running by the troll who posted into this thread?

    None of his comments had anything whatsoever to do with the posts they were submitted to. All contained defamatory statements. If you read them I’m sure you will agree that only people with serious pyschological/personality disorders produce the kind of ranting that you will find in the collection of inflammatory comments followed by apologetic comments followed by even more inflammatory comments. In fact I go so far as to say after reading them you will seriously question whether or not the writer was on drugs, was drinking, or is just plain bat sh*t crazy.

    I didn’t reply to any of the inflammatory troll comments and I don’t even know this sicko.



    Well, if you look at his site you can probably guess he wasn’t drunk…


    Please be nice.



    No way I’m giving that sicko a hit on his blog. I fed all his personal information on the comments themesleves as well as what was vaialbel on the internet into both Defensio and Akismet.

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