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How do I make my wordpress blog free?

  1. I accidentally clicked the not free option upon making my blog.. How do I make it free? D: I'm freaking out..

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What exactly do you mean? The blog linked to your username here has been deleted. is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this blog.

    Once a blog is deleted it's gone forever and the blog address ie. the URL cannot be recycled and reused by anyone. There are 3 warnings given when deleting a blog and there is an email with a confirmation link in it that must be clicked to complete the process.

    You will bow have to register a new free gosted blog.

  3. If you didn't actually get to the stage of paying for anything, then you won't be billed for it, so don't worry. If you did, then you will need to contact staff for a refund, since you can't go to the blog's dashboard and ask for it under the Store tab, since the blog is deleted.

  4. Oh no. I mean this for "explodingrainbows"
    I did delete my first one and made a new blog with the s.

  5. Well, go to the Dashboard and the Store and see if you have any upgrades. If you do, ask for a refund on that page. Don't wait, either. If you don't see any upgrades that show as Purchased, don't sweat it.

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