How do I make paragraphs?

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    Ok, so I looked in the forum and all the other responses to this question seem to be for people who are a little bit more CSS savvy.

    So I want a way to make paragraphs in my posts and pages. It’s just squishing them all together. Is there some box I can check somewhere? I have no clue how to edit CSS really. Thanks!



    On the off chance that your question isn’t reaaly a css one blogs are not coded to indent three spaces at the commencement of paragraphs. But there are tools available in the editor



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    Well, I saw those formatting buttons but unfortunately none of them do what I want. I just want something that lets me make spaces between paragraphs. No matter how many times I press enter it still mushes the paragraphs right up to one another. Right now what I’ve done is typed something random like “asdf” in between paragraphs, then made the text color white so it doesn’t show up. I would really like an easier way to do it though :P



    Just to double-check: you have purchased the CSS upgrade? We get all kinds of questions from people who haven’t and can’t figure out why their CSS changes won’t take.


    This isn’t about the css but in your posts
    <br />
    or try
    to get a line between paragraphs

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