How do I make the code in my main page more simplier?

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    when I look at my source code and compare it to another wordpress site’s source code such as…..mine has alot more code in it and seems alot more fussy. For example there is alot of #wpcombar in mine. I know HTML but I never seen #wpcombar and I don’t know what its doing on my site. I want a nice and simple source code like My site is What can I do??? Should I choose another theme?

    The blog I need help with is



    they are wordpress internal functions, and are CSS functions. What you need to do is just concentrate on your content and type it in the WYSIWYG or the HTML editor. I use the HTML editor. Type in your text in the HTML editor with simple and needed formatting and the rest will be done by wordpress CMS software. And for the codes you see the the page source, you dont need to think about it, because wordpress generates it and makes the page. They make up the theme of the site, the different columns, sections of the page, and are added automatically. So what you can do and i also do is to enter the content in simple HTML markup.


    First off, is not hosted here at wordpress.COM, it is self-hosted.

    Secondly, we cannot edit the underlying theme files at wordpress.COM since this is a multi-user platform which means everyone using a particular theme shares the same file.

    wpcombar has to do with the grey admin bar at the top of the page when you are logged into wordpress.

    If you look you will find quite a number of differences since there is a lot of stuff and features built into the blogs and themes here that are not a standard part of a wordpress.ORG self-hosted install or theme. If you were to remove stuff from the theme files here you would find that you would lose a lot of wordpress.COM’s features.


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    Sorry, I don’t understand. When I look at:
    I see the standard pre-written “hello world” post with one comment
    “woohoo my for web blog.”

    Where are you seeing “#wpcombar” as in give us a link to a published post staring with http:// ??

    I don’t think any of us volunteers would know “” without a link either.
    Nor can we guess why its code is simpler.


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    then nod to you both:
    #wpcombar might have been a clue, had I known about it…

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