How do I make the images appear in my blog posts?

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    I just created a new blog ( – currently private) and I will be inviting multiple authors to post to it. As a test, I have invited myself (through my personal account, ksuttonskinner) to post a couple of things as an author so far. However, when I post an image to BarnardAdmiss, only the title and author appear, not the image itself. In contrast, when I post an image as the Administrator of the page, it does appear. Can you tell me how I can fix this, so that images in posts appear on the main blog page?

    The blog I need help with is




    Can you point me to a post in which you tried to include an image but couldn’t? I see several images were uploaded by both accounts, but most of them weren’t actually inserted into a post, only 1 post actually has images in it (“The Diana Center”). Can you try again, following the instructions located here:


    Try that, and let m eknow if you still have difficulty. Thanks!

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