How do I make the Pages in the Widgets go from newest to oldest?

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    Hi on my blog the right sidebar widgets how can I make my letters newest to oldest not oldest to newest? Is there any other way besides using the order numbers? Also on my way top header how can I limit it to the most recent 5? Thank you: for reference here’s my blog

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    The blog I need help with is


    You need to create a custom menu with just the pages you want in the top navigation and then assign it to the primary menu location.

    Then you need to create another custom menu for the widget area with the pages manually arranged as you want them and then put the custom menu widget into the sidebar and from the widget assign the sidebar menu to it.


    Also, you need to seriously optimize that 1.6MB background image you have on your blog and get it down to around 75k or less. Search engines consider page size and page loading times when calculating search engine ranking and a 1.6MB background image will hit you hard with the search engines.


    One more link for the custom menu widget.


    thank you! You helped out A LOT! :)


    You’re welcome.

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