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    I am planning to upgrade from a operated blog to my hosted site using platform.

    In my trial runs I am coming across this issue:

    My wordpress hosted blog has a list of blog subscribers but how do I migrate those users to my new blog so that they receive my my blog updates?

    During my trial runs, I do not see ‘blog subscriptions’ on the dashboard panel that is always available on the blogs and same for the blog subscription widget

    The blog I need help with is



    You have already asked this question here :
    Please dont cross post.
    If the voulenteers knows the answer they will help, you need to give them the time to see it, else you need to contact the staff through

    For me, i do not know the answer, and suggest you to contact the support through the above link.


    Starting three hundred threads on this same issue isn’t going to get you any different answer than what I gave you in the first thread: .



    @rodinhood, If I catch anymore new threads about this topic I will go ahaead and delete the thread 2 of these current threads will be closed to further postings…



    I am sorryyyyy… I was not aware of the ‘bot’ actually posting a question… I assumed it was not going to hosted. I apologize



    Yah, OK so the real questions are in one of the other closed threads. (head:desk)

    a) My blog subscribers (free) did not receive my latest blog entry after I made the switch – so I want to know how to activate those subscribers and make sure that the database of those users has not disappeared.

    b) I assume I will now have to install a plugin to get people to subscribe for free on my blog – any recommendations on which plug-in to use?

    c) How do I make sure that the old ( when I log into the old .com console, I can see still see the e-mail id’s of my blogs subscribers).. and new database of subscribers are then merged into hence receive my new posts?

    On A, perhaps this will help: hopefully you still have your COM blog. In that Dashboard, click Stats/Email Subscribers/Blog and at the bottom of that page you should see “Download as CSV”.

    As far as B and C, don’t have a clue and that IS something you should ask over at ORG support.


    b) I would suggest using feedburner/google. Since it is outside of wordpress, you can carry it with you wherever you go and no matter what platform you use.

    c) I don’t know if feedburner will allow you to add the subscribers yourself or whether the subscribers will have to subscribe on their own. I would look around over there (since I use that service) but their interface is quite clunky and unintuitive.


    Well, I braved the feedburner/google interface and there is no way I can find to add subscribers from within that system. It looks like no matter what they will have to sign up from the one response I saw in the feedburner forum on this issue.

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