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How do I migrate WP Stats to Jetpack?

  1. The stats for my self-hosted site disappeared when I migrated from WP Stats to Jetpack. I've switched back to WP Stats for now, and my data is still there.
    Blog url:

  2. Stats cannot be transfered between and self-hosted blogs.

  3. Thanks for the reply.
    My site has always been self-hosted.
    The stats went away when I switched from the WP Stats plugin to the Jetpack plugin.

  4. Hm, they should have come back.

    Did you ever change your site's URL while using the Stats plugin?

  5. I don't recall changing my site URL.

  6. Hm, that's usually the leading cause of this issue.

    What version of Stats were you running when you upgraded to Jetpack?

  7. We're running WP Stats 1.8.5.
    And yes, it's possible the site URL changed, I just don't recall doing it myself. Is there a way to deal with that situation?

  8. Just to be sure, did you deactivate Stats before activating Jetpack?

    Also, is this a single-site or multi-site installation?

  9. It's a single-site installation.
    Jetpack deactivated WP Stats automatically.
    Assuming there's a SiteName issue, any idea how I can retain my stats when moving to Jetpack?

  10. Ok, that would mean that Stats was not deactivated when you activated Jetpack.

    Try this: Deactivate Jetpack, reactivate Stats, then deactivate Stats, and reactivate Jetpack.

    It's starting to look like your site URL was change at some point while using Stats, so if that doesn't fix it, I'm afraid the stats are gone for good.

  11. Looks like it's the API key. I'd created a user to use Jetpack, and it had a new API key.
    I pulled my old API key from the DB.
    When I forced Jetpack to use the old API key, it showed my old data.

    Is there a "proper" way to either
    (a) copy data from the old API key to the new one
    (b) associate the site's old API key with a login so Jetpack will use its data
    (c) tell Jetpack to use the site's API key rather than the user's API key?


  12. Oh, and for all and sundry: I used the plugin at
    Install it, edit to add your old API key, disable WP Stats, enable it, enable Jetpack.

  13. That shouldn't be required, and may actually break more things. I'm going to run this by our Jetpack experts who know a bit more than I do on the specific subject.

  14. macmanx, it's been awfully nice of you to spend your time replying to my messages, but I'm no closer to properly solving my problem than I was before.

    Supposedly, Jetpack uses OAuth instead of the old API key system, but my current OAuth account for the blog has the wrong API key associated with it.

    I have the API key associated with my stats, but I don't know for sure which login/email is associated with it.

    If I could determine which account was associated with my stats' current API key, or change the API key associated with my stats to my new one, I'd be set.

  15. Have you tried this yet?

    Deactivate Jetpack, reactivate Stats, then deactivate Stats, and reactivate Jetpack.

  16. Yes, I have. Multiple times. I must have not communicated that clearly before.

    It's very nice of you to try to help me, but I would like to actually make some progress toward resolving my particular issue, instead.

    My problem is that my current Stats data is associated with one API Key, but the account ("r2bizzy") that I set up for Jetpack has a different API Key.

    I think I need to figure out which account is associated with the API key that has my stats. I am not sure how to do that, though I will try using my admin email.

    If you understand what I am saying here, and have an idea of how to determine the account/email associated with my old API key, I would love to hear about it.
    Alternately, if you are aware of a way to associate one API Key's stats with another OAuth login or API key, that would be lovely.


  17. I'm sorry Jetpack is causing problems for you.

    Knowing the two API keys in question will help us figure this problem out. API keys are like passwords, though, so please don't paste them here.

    Could you please use our support contact form at: and include the following?

    1. To help us link this public question to the private one you're creating, please reference this public question's URL:
    2. What you believe your old API Key was
    3. What you believe your current API Key is
    4. Reactivate/Reconnect Jetpack (again) and go to your Admin → Jetpack. At the bottom of the page, there should be a "Debug" link. Click the link and some debugging information should appear. Please paste that information in the contact form as well. Note that the debug information is also sensitive and should not be posted publicly.

    When you submit the contact form, please be sure to select that the question is a private one.

    Sorry for the hassle, as you can see, we don't have an easy way to move a conversation from a public question to a private one.

  18. Howdy. Any word since I posted the info Monday?

  19. Yes :) We responded to the private support ticket you created (thanks!). You should have received an email from us with subject "Problem migrating WP Stats data to Jetpack (1048132)".

    The email we sent asked for screenshots of the problem, since it's not clear to us what exactly is broken. Jetpack doesn't use those API keys at all, so we're not sure why editing them breaks/fixes the bug you're experiencing.

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