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how do I move a blog from self-hosted (godaddy) to

  1. Godaddy is painfully slow. I want to maintain my url ( but move the blog management to

    What are the pros & cons of this?
    What's the easiest way to do it?
    I want ot move it to

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Comparison here > vs. The Differences
    Importing Content from Another Platform or WordPress Blog

  3. Follow these instructions if you already have a domain that you registered elsewhere, and you want to map that domain to your blog.

  4. thanks for the info - I have other questions, too:

    Rather than a "redirect" is this a mapping?
    Will the references I have made online to (on twitter, etc) still remain valid?

    Is is hard to go back to the blog on godaddy if I change my mind?

  5. It is a mapping. The internal links will still work. And the process to move back to Godaddy is the same as the process to come here, but backwards. It's easy.

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