How do I move my content or redirect from one wordpress blog URL to another

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    I want to change my blog URL to another name, and just set up this second URL. All of my content and information is on the first one, but I’d like to use the new URL as my address.

    Example: first set up blog as, but want to use How do I use the as my sole URL so when you click there, it redirects to the old site –

    The blog I need help with is



    The best way to do this, PROVIDED the first blog is not well-established, is to simply export the content from that blog (on the Tools page you’ll find Export) and Import it into the new blog (on that blog’s Tools page). Then set the old one to Private.

    If, however, the old one is well-established, I would strongly advise against switching to another URL. What’s the point? It’s still penny ante. If you really want a specific address, spend the $18 a year for a custom domain. As a poor person myself, I recognize that free blogs rock, but if you’re going to fart around with the URL (causing a massive, if only four month long, drop in search engine rankings) the sole good reason is to go to a BETTER URL. A or .org or .me or .net is a better URL than a one.

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