How do I move my domain from so that I can use a custom theme?

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    Hopefully someone can help me with this question…

    This all started because I wanted to create a site using a custom wordpress theme. I started by registering my domain ( using After trying to upload my custom theme to that domain, I learned that doesn’t support custom themes. I know that I need to self-host so I got an account with bluehost and installed wordpress there. I tried to upload my custom theme there and it still doesn’t work. Then I went into my wordpress domain manager and changed the nameservers to point to bluehost. That didn’t help.

    What can I do? How do I get this domain away from — or, is there a way to use a custom theme without doing so?


    The blog I need help with is


    After changing the DNS records, it will take approximately 24-72 hours for the change to propagate through all the tens of thousands of nameservers on the internet. Typically this happens in 24 hours or less, but in some cases it can take longer depending on how backed-up the nameserver system is with change requests.

    How long ago did you change the DNS records here?


    The only way to use a custom themes is to self-host like you are doing.



    Looks like the DNS records are propagated now :-)



    ahhh ok so if by Wednesday morning things aren’t working correctly I will let you know :)

    And then in terms of moving the domain fully over to bluehost — I can do this 60 days after the domain was registered, yes? Or, if the nameservers are successfully changed to point to bluehost, is there any value to moving the domain to bluehost?



    I find it easier to deal with for domains, but I don’t know how bluehost is to work with. It’s your choice.

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