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How do I move my site To wordpress design?

  1. I paid for a website at GoDaddy (
    I wanted to use WordPress so I paid to have my 47 websites I just bought to be hosted here( or atleast designed here) my ftp user is gree7568. Im a wordpress newbie so I need help where to get started logged in etc.
    Please help!
    Blog url:


  3. HELP

  4. How about not spamming people?

    You have a GoDaddy site, not a WordPress.COM site, so go ask Godaddy or WordPress.ORG for help.

  5. im not Spamming anyone Mr rainman! Its a help forum, leave if your not going to be helpful.

    [Link removed by staff.]

  6. Anyone else

  7. Nope. You're spamming.

  8. Excessive links to one site or a lot of links specifically designed to drive traffic for SEO reasons are considered a red flag for spam. Please review

    I checked and I found that site is setup using WordPress software, but it is not hosted here at See to learn about the differences. Please ask for help at GoDaddy for hosting issues or in the volunteer forums for the free downloadable software at

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