how do I move the "comment" link on my posts

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    how do I use CSS to move the “leave a comment” link on my posts to the top of each post, so that it is next to the rating stars. my site is

    The blog I need help with is


    Garland, the theme you are using, is quite old and doesn’t have separate selectors for the different things in the post meta section, such as the comments link.

    You can move it all up (categories, tags, leave a comment), but not cleanly since you have to use position: absolute; to do it, and if anything is different at the top of the post, such as a title changing from one line to two lines, or to three lines, it will muck up the works.


    You can target the last link in a set using the “:last-child” pseudo selector. It is a CSS3 rule, so it only has support in the latest browsers. Here is an example you can try:

    .post {
    	position: relative;
    .meta {
    	position: static;
    .meta a:last-child {
    	position: absolute;
    	left: 180px;
    	top: 50px;

    However, thesacredpath is correct about the absolute positioning. Because of the way it works where the link is floated on top of the other content and doesn’t flow together with the ratings, this method will only work if the titles are all extremely short.



    Do I need to upgrade to the premium package to do this? I tried to go to the CSS screen and make the changes noted above, but when I saved it, nothing seemed to change. I’m new at this so I’m not sure what I’m doing. thanks for responding!


    Anyone can try the CSS editor without purchasing and save changes using the Customize feature, however, to apply the CSS to your blog so others can see it, you do need to have purchased the Custom Design upgrade or one of the value bundles (Premium or Business) since both of those include the Custom Design upgrade as part of the package.

    I checked for you and you do have the Custom Design upgrade on that blog, so you should be able to test out the CSS example from above. But again, I will advise against it unless you shorten all of your post titles to be very short—otherwise, an absolutely positioned “Leave a Comment” link will overlap with things when the title falls to two lines.

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