How do I move two of my four blogs over to a new account?

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    I have four blogs on one account – two are ‘professional’, two are more ‘philosophical/spiritual.’
    I’d like to separate them so they each have different username and gravitar etc.
    Step by step please….:-)

    main blog:

    The blog I need help with is


    Hello again! Thanks for helping. Let’s see how it goes …


    You’re welcome and we’re here is something goes awry, which I don’t expect.



    So far so good: new account set up, new username -(‘unlitlight’)
    I can see how to export a blog from the original account dashboard under ‘my blogs’ but I can’t see where there’s an option to import one on the new account dashboard.

    These are the blogs I want to export to the new username:

    Probably I’m just overlooking something very obvious … sigh



    Oh. I’ve re-read the how-to page again and it looks like it’s a one-step process – all I have to action is the transfer – and not import as well?
    I haven’t done the transfer yet, will wait for your ok.


    Didn’t you just want to move the blog over? From the link I referenced:

    To transfer a blog, go to My Blogs in your dashboard and move your mouse over the address of the blog you wish to transfer. You will see that a Transfer Blog option appears:

    Note that you will only see this for blogs where you are the owner.

    If you are certain you want to transfer a blog then click the transfer blog option. A screen will appear with a warning:

    After you have read and confirmed this warning, you can enter the username or email address of the user you wish to transfer the blog to:



    You don’t “Export / Import” anything – the whole blog moves to your new account.



    Many thanks for your help. In the end it was a breeze :-)



    You are welcome – I love it when a plan comes together!



    Just wanted to say to *thesacredpath* – I love your site.

    I love the way one totters along and finds unexpected gems on the path.

    Thank you and travel safely!


    @unlitlight, thank you and you are welcome.


    hi! newbie here. i should have read this post before setting up another wordpress blog. anyway, i have 2 accounts now i guess, but wonder if there is a way to merge the original blog posts to one of the new ones??
    thanks in advance!



    If you have two blogs you can export on and import the information into the second one.

    You can add the first user to the second account and then the first user can post and manage both blogs.

    A bit more information would help us give more complete help.


    mmm, ok. all the blogs are mine and i wanted a new username so i ended up starting 2 new ones, but not with the original account. (i guess that would have been the smarter thing to do….but) I have posts on the original blog which I’d like to move to one of the new ones. i hope this makes sense.
    please let me know what other information would be helpful. thanks so much for your help. :)



    Just move one blog:

    The top part – Moving Between Blogs – you will Export one and Import that data into the second one.

    Don’t delete the first one when have completed the transfer ( the one you are leaving ) set it to private so if you want to experiment you have a blog you can try a different theme on or whatever and not disturb your main site – once a name is deleted it can never be reused even by you.


    Thanks so much! I will do that now and let u know. much appreciated.


    UPDATE:Since my blogs were under different emails and therefore different accounts I couldn’t move one from the other. What I did was first do the export/download from the original blog to my computer. Then I had to sign out of the original blog and sign into the other one-then import the file from my computer. SO INCREDIBLY SEAMLESS! It said it would take 24 hours, but it showed up immediately!!
    I think I’m going to like it here on wordpress!!
    thanks again AUXCLASS for your help.



    I love it when a plan comes together – You are welcome – glad it worked well – welcome to & good luck blogging

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