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how do I number my pages? 1,2,3...45

  1. The theme I am using for my blog is simpleX 1.3.1 by Chandra Maharzan. I need to figure out how to break my pages down into page numbers. I found something about how to this on wordpress support site called Pagination. Here is the link:
    I see the HTML code that they give you on this site, but where do I put it within my blog? I don't want my blog to have all my post on the same page. It would great if someone could help me out. Much appreciated!!


  2. we need a link to your wordpress.COM blog because wordpress.COM users dont have a blog theme called simpleX 1.3.1 available. This might be the forum you want to go to

  3. you need my domain name? I'm confused.

  4. need to know if you're in the right forum, you've asked this question before and the supportbot essentially suggested the same thing

  5. I don't understand this whole wordpress thing. what is the diff. between this forum and the site you suggested?

  6. one is for self-hosted blogs and the other is for hosted free wordpress.COM blogs. If you're self hosted then go to the link I post.

  7. thanks!!

  8. you're welcome :)

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