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How do I only show post summaries?

  1. Under Reading Settings in the back end of my blog, I made my Front page a Static page. It then gave me two options: What to use as my Front page and what to use as my Posts page. I would like my Posts page to only show summaries of the posts instead of the whole posts. So I checked the box below that says, "For each article in a feed, show: Summary," but still the whole blog posts show up on the Posts page. Is there a place I can go in the back end to change that option?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. On that page what you set up > Settings > reading is only for your RSS feed. In order to split text in posts and have a read more link for readers you need to insert "the more tag" into each post. See here please >

  3. Twenty Ten supports the custom excerpt function for category and archive pages.

    You can do a work-around to make it support custom excepts for the front page as well. (not just cut off your posts after the first few lines as with the more tag)

    Upload your images for each post and insert them into a draft post which you will never publish. Use "insert image from URL" to put the pictures into the post you will publish, and set the format for the post as "gallery." Write your custom excerpt (summary), then cut it and paste it into the excerpt module. Voila: a summary with pictures and text as you want it. (no videos, though)

  4. Is actually much easier than that: When you are busy writing your post on the command bar next to the remove hyperlink button there is another button that looks like a page torn at the top. If you hover over it is says "insert more tag" , that is what you want to press.
    Otherwise you can just press "alt + shift + T" or enter directly this: <!--more--> .


  5. Thank you so much, timothyoshea. That really simplifies it for me. I just did that and it worked like a charm. You rock!

  6. Yay! Timothy. That's what I was also pointing to. :)

  7. What I was suggesting is indeed more complicated, but if you want a custom summary, that option is open for you to use. Not just a truncated few first lines of your post.

  8. Hi timethies,
    I actually saw your reply only after I gave my answer :)

    Hey dejareviewer, I struggled myself for hours trying to figure that one out, so I thought that was only fair to share my findings :)

    Hey 1tess,
    I might use your suggestion in the future. Thank you for that!


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