How do I organize my blogs in the order I want them to appear?

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    My blogs don’t appear in the order I want them to appear in. How do I fix that?

    Right now my blogs appear in reverse order. I want the first blog to be at the top like a Table of Contents with the second blog in second place and so on.

    Where will answers to my question appear?

    The blog I need help with is



    In the forum.

    To change the order of posts, you edit the time/date on the posts by clicking to Edit the post. If you want one at the top, make it Sticky.


    Thanks raincoaster but I don’t know how to do any part of that despite spending an hour and a half looking. I tried what you said but when I click on Edit, there is no sign of time/date or sticky anything.

    I tried the forums but that was self torture taken to an extreme.

    I did find one post that almost answered the question with code but then it turned out that wasn’t what the request was about so the answer that would have solved my problem was never given.

    That wouldn’t have helped either since I have no idea where to insert the code if I had it.

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