How do I overide the alphabetic order in my link column?

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    How do I overide the alphabetic order in my link column? I’ve tried changing the rating # yet that does not seem to do anything. I’m using the ‘silver is the new black’ theme.



    Links are displayed in alphabetcial order in accord with the Categories assigned to them. If you have the theme called Blix you can’t change the alphabetic order. If you don’t have Blix you can change the order links are displayed in by changing the Category assigned to the links. Example : instead of Apples, Bananas, Cherries you can create 1-Cherries; 2-Apples; 3- Bananas understanding your Blogroll, Links widget and Categories


    Are you saying that to re-order my links I should change the title from “Cherries” to “1-Cherries”? If you are saying that, I had been hoping their would be a more elegant and transparent solution to sorting links.

    What I’d like to do is custom sort the order links appear within distinct categories.



    All links are displayed in the alphabetical order of distinct Categories that you assign to them. Once you place the Links widget in the sidebar the Categories will be displayed in alphabetical order with the Links assigned to each Category displayed underneath in alphabetical order. The only work around I have found that will change the order of the Categories is to insert numbers prior to Category Titles.



    i am a new blogger concerned with ordering stuff too. timethief is right about ordering categories.

    however it IS possible to order links under specific categories. meaning, if you have a category called “fruits” and have apple, orange and grape as links under that category, you can make them appear non-alphabetically, e.g.

    instead of (the alphabetical version)

    in fact you can order links of a paricular category on the basis of link id, name, address or rating. to find the options go to blogroll>manage blogroll.

    it might be difficult to find out where you can change the rating. to know how to do that, go to:
    (and oh, you just need to scroll down and read the last post for the definite answer.)

    hope this helps!

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