How do I pay the $13 to update an expired subscription for another year?

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    I need to buy another year’s subscription since mine expired some time ago. My stepson set it up, and now I need to be the administrator. My domain that I wish to continue to use is Note that this is the same problem as found in your forum and had to be resolved by contacting support. I am new to all of this.

    The blog I need help with is



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    Hi there!

    I’ve removed the expired domain mapping subscription from your site. Now, you can go into Store -> Domains and add a new domain mapping subscription by entering the domain “” to the field and clicking “add domain to blog” and following the steps to purchase the upgrade.

    I hope that helps! Let me know if you still have trouble.



    OK, I’m still having trouble.
    The closest I could find is Store > “Custom Domains” and then to click on “Get A Domain” but nothing happens*. Could you post a path to get where you intend to lead me?
    Perhaps it is dyslexia, but I am feeling lost.
    Also – I am very concerned that it appears that my website was wiped off, after a lot of work by my stepson and an artist. Is it there somewhere, or will I have to start all over?
    Thanks for your help – I’m just a regular guy, not a computer tech.



    it appears that my website was wiped off, after a lot of work by my stepson and an artist.

    Your content is safe – when the Domain Mapping was removed that left no way for the public to get to that domain name & blog

    When logged in to the Dashboard of the base blog – (change your-site to the correct blog name – NOT then follow the instructions above

    Dashboard >> Store >> Domains



    This blog: (note the smiling face and other things)

    This log-in:



    Also, you need to be logged in as “markblastprep”, not “mh1313”. The user “mh1313” is not a registered user of the site so you would not be able to login and see that site’s dashboard.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


    OK, getting there.
    Here’s another dumb question: Do I enter:
    “” or “” in the box after the http://
    (Just want to be sure it appears as expected and folks can get there when it’s done.) It looks naked without the “www.”
    Thanks for bearing with me on this!!

    (This is the path that I’m using: )



    “” – no “www”

    “www” is old web and is stripped out here on the address bar – not sure what it would do in the domain section but would not help your cause



    @markblastprep: yes, @auxclass is correct. Just enter “” into the field without the www.

    Let me know if you have any questions or run into any trouble.


    Thanks for your help. I got it done last night.
    Just a thought as an older, casual user. It would be sweet if there had been a simple button on the page where I first found out that my subscription expired, that would redirect me to a re-up page in just one click. From a newbie’s point of view, the current process is not intuitive – and resubscribing shouldn’t have to take so many steps, involve technical services, and the googling of definitions for acronyms and technical terms. I’m sure this is second nature to you, but it has got to be a turnoff and point of frustration for many. Just a thought to try to help the next guys in line. Well, again, I really appreciate all the prompt help. Thanks!!



    Thanks for your feedback.

    We actually do prompt users with a one click way to renew recently expired upgrades. However, that functionality is only up for a few weeks after the upgrade expires. Since the mapping upgrade expired back in October 2012, the notice would have been removed by the time you contacted us.

    I hope that clarifies things! Let me know if you need help with anything else.


    That’s reassuring. Good to know.
    Again, everyone is good with a prompt response.
    Thanks again.

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